Oct. 16, 2008

I have strep throat.  There’s nothing like a bacterial infection to make you slow down and smell the roses, huh?  Fortunately, it’s Fall Break at the college so my classes were cancelled for today anyway.  Unfortunately, I ran extremely well in Mt. Airy last week and was more than a little psyched about the Galax race this Saturday, the one I’ve essentially been training for all fall.  Now, even if I recover, I’m on antibiotics, which is not the best scenario for a PR performance. 

I actually feel much better today.  I think Ibuprofen is one of the greatest miracles of modern science.  It cures a multitude of ailments, or at least masks them so you can still do what you want.  My fever has gone down, and my throat has opened up enough to actually let me swallow my own spit, but my glands are so incredibly sore, I still have trouble turning my head or putting my chin to my chest.  Still, I’ll take it.  I just hope I can run without totally destroying myself by Saturday.  I’ll be hugely disappointed if I can’t run.  I’ve had this particular race in my head every time I’ve gone out the door for months now.  But if I can’t run, I know it will be there next year, and other races will be held, and when I’ve recovered, my body will continue to improve so, for the moment, I’m trying to let my body heal.

I also hope I can avoid spreading the germs to my kids.  Harper Lee’s seventh birthday is Sunday, and I’m holding my breath, literally and figuratively, in hopes that she makes it through.  Having experienced the misery of missing my own birthday due to illness when I was little, I really want her to dodge that bullet.

So I’m hanging out at home on the couch and reading a lot, and it occurs to me that this is not a bad existence, minus the throbbing headache and high fever of course.  I spent two hours yesterday afternoon just sitting in my garden and watching Isaac play in his sandbox.  I let the sun warm my chilled body, and I had a lengthy conversation with my son about the differences between octagons and hexagons and which shape he feels is superior, and I watched a swarm of ladybugs dart maniacally around the patio, another reminder of the waning days of summer, the coming of fall and another birthday for Harper and the passage of time.  I guess illness can sometimes be a friendly nudge from nature telling us to sit down and be still for a while.  The world keeps on spinning with or without us, and sometimes it’s nice to step off and just watch it all go by.