We’ve spent the past two days being herded from one line to another as our captors watch us slowly bleed to death as we go.  Sounds inhumane, doesn’t it?  It sort of is,… but in a happy, sparkly fairy-dust kind of way.  We’re spending the week at Disney.  I feel in awe of the whole Disney set-up.  It is simultaneously the biggest scam I’ve ever seen and the most ideological and magical place on earth.  How can that be?  How can I feel such  joy and childlike happiness while some guy in a costume charges me $5.00 for a coffee?  It is true that this has been the furthest thing from a vacation I’ve ever experienced.  I’m tired, my feet hurt, the hotel room is impossibly small, and I feel like livestock in a chute every time I want to get a meal, but the pure joy and excitement on Harper Lee and Isaac’s faces make this one of the best things we’ve ever done.  I know that the 3-D film is all trickery and that there are little hoses in the backs of the seats that spray us with “wind and sea water,” but it’s that moment when Harper Lee stretches out her arms toward Aerial and the treasure chest of jewels that appear to be spilling out into her lap with such complete and total belief that really gets me.  It’s at that moment that I become a true believer too.