We’re back from Disney and just in time.  The trip was just about as perfect as
we could have hoped for.  The
weather was sunny and in the mid 80’s, the lines were relatively short,
everything seemed to time out just right, the kids were exceptionally good, and
I think we all had a very “magical” time. 
The trip home, on the other hand, was a little bumpy… literally.

First, we sat on the runway for an extra hour and 15
minutes, we had to reroute around Augusta because of bad weather, Harper Lee
became very ill with motion sickness, and there was fairly bad turbulence,
which Isaac loved.  Every time the
plane dipped, Isaac shouted, “Woo-hoo!” 
Harper Lee, however, was slumped across the airplane toilet moaning as I
hung on for dear life to the bathroom wall.  Once we finally landed, the rain, sleet, ice and snow began,
and the trip home was slow. 

I think that if we had it to do over, and it was enjoyable
enough that I think we will do it again, we will probably avoid the whole
resort hotel thing as well as the feed trough food court scenario.  The hotel was nice and impeccably
clean, but after three days, I was really tired of the long lines and some fairly
obnoxious people.  The meal plan,
however, was a really good idea, and I think it’s safe to say we’ll do that
again.  Without it, I’m pretty sure
we would have spent nearly twice our total food bill this week.  Another good thing about staying in a
rental condo would be the kitchen, which would also save money.  I think by going to the grocery store,
making our own breakfasts and packing sandwiches for lunch at the park, the
meal plan could be saved for dining out at nice restaurants without the
outrageous cost.

Fortunately, we are relatively laid back as far as vacation
plans go, and the schedule of events never seemed to overwhelm us although I
can see how it could if you felt the need to plan every experience down to the
most minute details.  I’m sure we
missed a few things here and there with our tactics, but I also think it
allowed for more spontaneous fun and less stress, and I’m all about less
stress.  We didn’t plan months in
advance so we missed out on the dinner with Cinderella and breakfast with
Winnie the Pooh, but we saw everything we wanted, and Harper Lee was awarded an
official “Magical Moment” that entitled our entire family to VIP seats at the
“Beauty and the Beast” show.  It
also gave Harper Lee the chance to go up on stage at the end of the show to
meet Belle, and the prince presented her with a red rose.  Between that, the light parade, It’s a
Small World, spectacular fireworks, and the Flight of Peter Pan, I don’t think
it could have gotten much better. 

I also found it interesting that the favorite rides and
experiences for both my kids were the old-school rides and classic favorites.  Harper Lee didn’t go ga-ga over High
School Musical; she liked Winnie the Pooh, the Jungle Cruise, and the awesome
tree house from one of her favorite movies, Swiss Family Robinson.  It was a nice reminder that children
are not just little adults with miniature adult interests.  They are full of wonder, awe, and joy,
and they possess a belief in good that I think Walt Disney really
understood.  I don’t always think
too highly of Disney as a corporation, but the man Walt Disney… well, he’s a
different matter.  One look around
his magic kingdom, and you can see that his vision was everything that is
good.  I know all about the
financial gains and the business of running it all, but I think I really
believe that the underlying dream of Disneyworld was to create a perfect and
wonderful place for kids.  I loved
seeing children of all races, nationalities, physical capabilities, and ages
wearing their Mickey Mouse ears and squealing with laughter.  It was weird.  For brief moments and in just the right light, I could see
glimpses of what we could be and maybe what we are if given the right