Rob loaded an Endurance Planet podcast onto my i-pod last night so I could listen to it while I rode the trainer.  He said I had to listen to it, that it would inspire me, and that it was my kind of story.  I told him that he shouldn’t set my expectations so high because I had been disappointed in his “have to hear” podcasts before.  He assured me this was a sure hit.  He was right.  
If you know anything about running, if you understand racing, if you care at all about track and field, or if you, like me, aspire to be a runner, you really should sit back for a little while and listen to this.  I won’t spoil it with my commentary, but I would like to hear your reactions.  
“The fool kid was run out and finished and spent, but he was getting up to his toes because that was thing to do when they gave you the gun for lap four.  That was the thing to do.”
Here it is…