The kids are at my mom and dad’s house for a few days, and Rob and I have used this time to get some much needed down time.  Yesterday, we went up to Basin Cove off Longbottom Rd.  and hiked/ran 10 miles of awesome trail.  There were several water crossings and a few steep places, but overall, it was a really good running trail. 

Over the last few days, we’ve had dinner out, watched movies, read, taken naps, run in the woods, ridden around with the top and doors off the Jeep and just enjoyed one another’s company.  Today, we also spent several hours working on the hobby house, an ongoing project.  Rob sealed the roof (again) in hopes of stopping the leak that has caused extensive water damage, and I refinished the front door.  That doesn’t sound horribly exciting, but I find that when the kids are not here, things like painting and/or stripping paint are actually kind of meditative.  You can zone out and work uninterrupted for hours without a single person screaming, fighting, having an accident in his pants, or begging you to play some crazy game which does not allow you, the parent, to know any of the actual rules until you’ve broken one.  I miss the kids a lot when they’re gone, but I also know that this quiet time spent cleaning out junk drawers and reading an entire magazine cover to cover is absolutely necessary to my well-being and sanity.  
Tomorrow, I plan to drink coffee on the back porch and maybe even break out my art supplies for a little creative time.  Or I may just watch The Godfather again.  Who knows.  But when I pick the kids up on Tuesday, I know I’ll be more than ready to see them.  Part of what makes vacations so much fun is the knowledge that they always end, and we get to go home once again.  Right now, I’m having a great time, but Harper Lee and Isaac are my home, and it’s always nice to come back.