I love the Andy Griffith show.  It is, hands down, my favorite television program of all time.  I watched it every evening with my dad as I was growing up, and part of what made it so cool in my ten-year old head was that Mayberry was in North Carolina.  I had no idea at the time that an actual place existed that had been the inspiration for my favorite small town.  And even if I had known, I would never have guessed that I might actually live in that faraway place.  While I don’t actually live in Mt. Airy, Andy Griffith’s hometown, I do live in Surry County, and last night I spent the night in Pilot Mountain, also known as Mount Pilot to devotees of the show.  It’s like a childhood dream come true.  

A few weeks ago, I won the Pilot Mountain Challenge, a two-mile run straight up the side of Surry County’s most famous mountain, and the grand prize was a night’s stay at Dr. Flippin’s Bed and Breakfast in downtown Pilot Mountain.  Rob’s mom offered to come up and keep the kids this weekend so Rob and I could do something fun, so we made reservations at the B & B and headed to the other side of the county for some rest and relaxation. 
After checking in and a short nap, we walked about a block down the Main Street to a local restaurant called Sopper’s where we had a really nice meal for an even better price. It wasn’t fancy or elegant, but the steak was good and the bill didn’t send me into guilty shock.   Then, we walked over to CVS, bought a few magazines, and went back to the house, M & M’s and reading material in hand.  I filled the tub with sweet smelling soap and lit a candle and planned to settle back into a nice bubble bath with said reading material but was disappointed that the soap didn’t  lather very well.  It was then that I noticed the jacuzzi button.  Soap that doesn’t really bubble under running water is a different beast altogether when jacuzzi jets are involved.  Before long, only my head was visible from the mountains of white foam that ran over the edge of the tub.  I felt like Tony Curtis in Some Like it Hot, minus the yachting outfit.
Perfectly shriveled, I emerged from the bath in my complimentary fuzzy robe and crawled into bed with more reading material and watched another all-time favorite, Tombstone.  A four-poster, king-sized bed, chocolate, health and fitness magazines, warm jammies, and Val Kilmer and Kurt Russell just generally kicking ass– it was a perfect weekend.