Baths on the back porch.  Harper Lee and Isaac decided that taking a bath in the baby
pool last night would be the perfect end to a perfect summer day.  Fortunately, we live in a relatively
secluded space (yet another reason I don’t want to live in town), but I hung a
rope across the porch with a couple of blankets tossed across them just for
privacy’s sake. 

We filled the pool with ice-cold well water, and Harper Lee
brought out shampoo, conditioner and my favorite rose-scented bath soap (not
really what I wanted outside, but whatever) and then, they stripped down and
romped like little wild dogs. 
Isaac ended up washing his pick-up truck more than himself, but Harper
Lee bathed more thoroughly than usual. 
Maybe she should wash outside all the time. 

By the end of bath time, the baby pool was brimming with
suds and bath toys, and Harper Lee, at least, was squeaky clean.  The beach house we stay in at Holden
Beach has an awesome outside shower that we all enjoy every year, and every
year, Rob and I say, “Let’s build an outdoor shower at home.”  Of course, the impracticality of this
sets in once vacation is over, but there is something so wonderful about
bathing outside.  If we were forced
to take baths in the creek in the middle of winter or tote water from the well
and heat it on the fire in order to scrub the day’s dirt from our bodies, it
would probably seem a lot less romantic, but when it’s just for fun and the
mercury has risen to well over 90 every day, it’s one of life’s little
pleasures and just one more reason I don’t want summer to end.