I am exhausted. 
Isaac was up for a large portion of the night with nightmares about
snakes.  He also complained of cold
feet, needing water, and achy legs. 
I think he’s probably going through a growth spurt and had played so
hard and furiously yesterday afternoon and evening that he was just worn

 I can totally relate. 
Aside from staying up entirely too late last night to grade essays and
to finish watching “Into the Wild,” a movie that really depressed me, Crystal
and I had completed our epic run at Pilot Mtn. on Sunday, and I am still
feeling the effects.  My body has
actually held up amazingly well, aside from the slightly irritating sore spot
on my left shin, but I’m just pooped. 
The increase in mileage the past few weeks is getting easier, but I
think I’m a little tired from it as well. 
I’m also still operating on the late night schedule I developed over
Christmas break but getting up at 6:00 instead of 7:15.  Maybe that explains my own nightmares.

 Last night I dreamed that I began the marathon but decided
to stop with Deanne at her aunt’s house for water.  Forty minutes later, I realized I was still standing
around.  Panicked, I raced in a
truck (remember, this is a dream) along muddy and nearly impassable roads to a
remote area where a long line of runners had formed waiting to get onto the
trail.  Meanwhile, the clock was
still running and two hours had slipped away.  Jason was in the line with me at this point, and he kept
saying, “You’ll be fine; don’t worry,” but the sun waits for no man, and I
began to freak out about the possibility of being stranded on the mountain
after dark.  And even worse than
that, I was worried about posting a really crappy time.  Fortunately, I guess, the alarm clock
went off only two short hours after I had finally gotten Isaac settled down and
dozed off myself.  I don’t know if
I made it the whole way or not.  I
don’t know if this dream is a warning from my sub-conscious or God.  I don’t know if it just means I’m
adequately apprehensive, which is actually necessary for lining up to

 As we drove to school this morning, I told Harper Lee about
my dream and asked her what she thought. 
She stared out the window for a while, and I could almost see the wheels
turning in her mind.  Finally, she
said, “I think I’d run it.”  Of
course she would.  I swear, I love
that kid.  She is the angel on my

 I still don’t know what my decision will be regarding the
race, but part of this is the journey itself.  For now, I’m going to keep training with a marathon in
mind.  Crystal and I are planning
on doing another epic run this weekend on another part of the mountain.  Barring injury and moments of clarity,
I may end up doing this thing yet. 
I mean, why not?  It’s just
another run in the woods, right? 
Right?  Hello?