Last Thursday, I went to the new children’s museum in Huntersville, NC with Isaac’s preschool class.  The website did not do the place justice.  This was the best children’s museum, and we will definitely go there again.  Next time, we’re taking Harper Lee and staying all day.

Isaac and his buddies would have been happy to stay at the huge fire truck at the front entrance.  From the moment we walked in, there was something for everyone.
Isaac and his best bud climbing the indoor climbing wall.  
There was even a body shop/ garage for working on cars.  Isaac’s version of heaven.  
An indoor water table.  Aprons are provided, but I would recommend an extra change of clothes just in case.  They definitely get wet, but it is so awesome.
Total concentration– play is hard work.  We both slept well that night.
This place is definitely worth the trip to Huntersville.  There was a special section just for babies from a few months to 36 months, plenty of places to nurse and rest, and a great art studio.  Older children would even enjoy this place.  I highly recommend it.