This past Saturday, we attempted to see the new animated
film, “Rango”, but it was sold out. 
It was, after all, a rainy Sunday afternoon.  The kids were pretty disappointed, so I promised that I
would take them to a matinee one afternoon after school.  Today, which was also miserable and
rainy, turned out to be a pretty good afternoon for it.

Unfortunately, we would have been better off just ordering a
pizza and watching one of our many John Wayne movies on Netflix.  “Rango” was one of the most inappropriate
“children’s” movies I’ve ever seen. 
It was rated PG, which usually means there are some gross butt and fart
jokes and maybe a few scenes of violence, but for some reason, this film was
rated PG despite its coarse language and completely adult jokes. 

The dialogue contained multiple uses of the words “hell” and
“damn”, as in “I will drag your soul to hell” and there was a particularly evil
and scary character who licked the female character’s face in an overtly sexual
and threatening way that was just too creepy for a kid’s movie.  There was a lot of violence, which I
don’t usually have too much of an issue with (as indicated by my obsession with
old Westerns), but it seemed a little excessive for a children’s movie and had
a different “feel” from the typical slapstick violence of Tom and Jerry.  There were also several inappropriate
jokes about prostate exams and being under a woman’s skirts in addition to the
requisite farting.

And besides all that, it just wasn’t a very good story.  It was what I would call a very
unmemorable movie.  Neither of the
kids enjoyed it all that much. 
Isaac generally doesn’t like long movies anyway– it’s just too long to
sit still, but Harper Lee is the same kind of movie fan that I am, and even she
was left fairly cold.

I generally say, “Well, to each his own” when it comes to
movie tastes, but as a parent, I have to say that this film is definitely not
worth the money it costs to see a film. 
It, like so many other things (this year’s Academy Awards, for
instance), is just one more example of the increasing lack of decorum and good
taste and, dare I say it, morals in Hollywood.  I hope that Hollywood “art” is not a reflection of our
current society, because if it is, we must be a pretty low-class group of
people.  I’m not one to support
censorship, but I am most certainly someone who believes that if we don’t want
to condone this type of behavior, we shouldn’t support this kind of
entertainment.  I know that most
folks will do exactly what I did and assume that an animated film is one for
the whole family, but I know that I will screen our next family film before the
kids watch it. 

If this is what the movie industry wants to produce, so be
it, but I’m not giving any more of my money to support it.  For my money, I think I ‘ll just order
a good old Disney classic, something along the lines of Pollyanna or Mary
Poppins, and pop a bag of cheap and low-fat popcorn in the comfort of my own