Yesterday, I gave Harper Lee and Isaac a camera and told them to take pictures of the coming of summer.  This is what they saw.

Though the flower bed is terribly overgrown, the irises are still beautiful.  These remind me of my Pap.
Time to plant tobacco.  This is right across the road from us and a sure sign that summer is upon us.
The blackberry bushes are blooming– it’s blackberry winter.  Can’t wait for some warm dumplings later this summer.  
Apparently, nothing says summer to my kids like underwear hanging out to dry.  (I agree– I love fresh sheets warm from the sun.)
Once I got hold of the camera, I took some photos of what the beginning of summer looks like to me.  This isn’t on the water yet, but it will be.  Meanwhile, the kids (and the cats) enjoy it even in the driveway.
“In the tall, tall grass…”
May brings bug hunts and “grass houses”.  
Happy May!!!