As promised, these are the photos from BMM.  In hindsight, I think this was just the kick-start I needed to get back in the groove with racing.  These photos may make it look like all we’re doing is relaxing at our campsite, but in between, in all the parts I couldn’t get photos of, there was some super racing going on… even if it was just with ourselves.   

Jay is chillin’ under the umbrella chair.
All of the tents are set up on both sides of the start/finish line.  It was a good way to see what was going on and cheer for the runners as they went past the checkpoint.  Thanks to Jay and Crystal for choosing the primo camp spot.
Jacob, Aaron, Kristie, and Cory eat pizza and solve the world’s problems as they wait their turn.
This is the “exchange” point.  Crystal is finishing as Deanne prepares to go out again.
Meanwhile, Michelle is making a hat.  Surprise, surprise.
Kristie flexes her muscles and intimidates the competition.
Pioneer women.  This is why I love these girls.
Early morning after a long night.  “I just want to go home.”
Things were slow going in the morning, but once the sun was up completely, we began to feel human again.
Coffee really helps.  
Rising to the occasion and finishing strong for the team.  Abran ran an awesome last lap to finish out our race.  180 miles in 24 hours.
Our team.  I always joke and say I’m not a team player, but if I’m choosing a team, this is the one.  Thanks guys for a good, gut-bustin’ time.