Last night was our first night of this summer’s Vacation
Bible School.  The decorations are up
(and look awesome thanks to our resident artist, Tommie Ann), Mike was jammin’
with his music, our awesome volunteers put on a great supper and the teachers were
ready to go.  Still, I’m a little
disappointed in our numbers.

For, oh, I don’t know, three or four years, I’ve been
hearing, “Our numbers would double if you’d have VBS at night.”  I resisted, as I often do, and stuck with our
morning VBS even though we were the only church in town that still did a daytime
VBS program.  Personally, mornings work
for me because I have cross-country practice at night in the summers, and
frankly, smaller kids (and some big ones too) just perform better during the
day before they are sleepy and cranky.

But this year I conceded and put together an evening
VBS.  Most years we have between 55 to 65
kids.  Last night we had 39.  I am bummed. 
Nighttime programs often compete with other churches, and while it’s
true that our day program competed with the Recreation Center’s Day Camp and
swim team, most people made an effort to get their kids to our Bible School for
the short four days it was offered.

The other problem I see with nighttime VBS is that it
shortens the activity time.  I just
cannot go along with the 9:00 release time. 
That is too late for most kids, so we go from 5:30- 8:00.  This is nearly an hour less time than we have
during our morning programs.  It means we
have to cut some fun things, which is also a bummer.

I realize that it was only our first night, and there are
many good things planned.  Ultimately, I
think the kids will have fun either way. 
As Harper Lee said last night as I was panicking that I’d left something
crucial behind but could not remember what, “So what if you did?  We’ll have a good time anyway.  Quit worrying.  If this is the worst thing that ever happens
to you, you’ve got a pretty good life.” 
(More evidence that everything you say WILL come back to bite you at
some point.)

And she’s right.  Even
though I’m thinking about next year already, the fact is we are going to have an
awesome Bible School this week.  The
group is relatively small, but learning is taking place, good works are being
done, and friendships are being made. 
And if that’s what happens, I’ve got a pretty good thing going.