Today is the first day of the inaugural issue of Sparrow Magazine, a very cool online magazine dedicated to healthy, creative living and
one that I am really honored to be a part of.  When I first heard that Kelly and Emilie were pursuing their dream of putting together their own magazine for women who want to live a deliberate, creative and healthy life, I knew I wanted to contribute in some way.   If I actually had the patience or organizational
skills or the need for next to no sleep required of a magazine publisher/editor,
I might try to put together my own, but I don’t; however, if I did, it would most certainly look
like this one. 

As soon as I got up this morning, I made my cup of coffee
and excitedly pulled up the website to see it all put together.  It’s the
perfect way to begin the day, to take a break in the middle of a long workday
or to wind down before bed because it can be savored little by little, like one
square of dark chocolate at a time. 
Of course, a whole Saturday morning would work too.  I’m OK with online magazine gluttony
when time permits.  Either way, I’m
looking forward to poring over every article and to sharing my work there

Here’s to folks pursuing their dreams and taking a few of us
along for the ride.