Wow!  It’s December already?  What happened?  The past week has gone by in a blur, and I know the next two don’t promise to be any slower.  Still, in the midst of it all– final exams, endless stacks of essays to grade, article deadlines, choir rehearsals and play practices, and final wrap-ups before the holidays– I am finding all the little bits of magic that I love so much about this time of year.

The Advent wreath is up, the cider is heating on the stove, and Bing Crosby is on the radio.  (Sorry to all those folks who love to complain about the Christmas music that begins the week of Thanksgiving– I just don’t agree.  I LOVE all Christmas music all the time.  What other time of year can you hear the Beach Boys sing about Frosty the Snowman?)
I’m keeping it simple this year– as simple as it can be– and savoring every Christmas moment. This is my favorite time of year, and with kids, it’s magic is multiplied a million times.
AND the second issue of Sparrow Magazine just came out yesterday.  Read my article on winter training if you’re interested.  The whole issue is full of great stuff, and I’m slowly savoring every bit of it (like my holidays) with a cup of hot cider during my free moments this week.  
Happy Holiday Season– enjoy every single moment!