We have been outside a lot this week.  With highs in the upper 70’s, it was just too gorgeous not to be.  Weather like this in March makes me dread the inevitable cold snap, but I do love the warm sunshine.  We even slept with our windows open two nights in a row.

Blossoms in our woods

Harper Lee in front of the dinosaur display at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh.  The fourth grade went on their annual field trip to the capitol last Wednesday, and I went along for the ride.  We had a great time visiting the old Capitol building, the legislative building, the History Museum, and the Governor’s Mansion, but the highlight of the trip for Harper Lee was the butterfly habitat at the Science museum.  Oh, and the charter bus with built-in TVs of course. 

The original Smelly Cat
I found Bagheera at the Kiawah Island Nature Center a few weeks ago.  He was from the Charleston Animal Rescue and had been at the Nature Center for about three weeks, just waiting for some unsuspecting tourist to come in and fall in love with his sweet nature and big, saggy belly.  That was me.  He rode the five hours from Kiawah seated happily on the passenger seat and has made himself quite at home ever since.  His only downfall is that he is quite stinky when it comes to the litter box.  Typical man.

Mabel did not care for Bagheera at first, but they have since become pretty good friends… or at least, sparring partners.  Harper Lee was afraid Mabel might be jealous if she gave too much love to Bagheera, but everyone seems to be discovering that there is always enough love to go around.

With the warm spring weather comes yard clean up.  Yes, I know this looks like fall, but the massive oak trees in our yard don’t seem to stop completely shedding until mid-winter.  The yard is a complete mess.  Fortunately, I just have to rake them into a pile, and then the official Leaf Racing Team uses their long, strong legs to push the leaves toward the open gate at the woods.  This saves me a little bit of raking, and there’s competition involved.

Freckles joins in the action.


A good, good week.  Everywhere I look, I kind of feel like this.

Journal Topic:  What makes your heart happy like a little kid’s?  Have you done it lately?