If you want to practice patience and letting go and simply riding the tide without resistance or an urge to control everything, invite seven children, ranging in ages between 6 and 10, to your house for a camp-out/ Nerf war.  Then, when things are still seemingly sane, have the biggest thunderhead you’ve ever seen come up, sort of unexpectedly, and pelt that same gang of children with quarter sized drops of cold rain from a steel gray sky with winds that tear down tents and thunder that has the dog scrambling for cover under the porch.  Then, while everyone is screaming and running back and forth across the yard, none of them actually carrying anything into the house or doing anything that might be productive, have one of their mothers call.  When you answer, have one of them scream in a terrified tone, “It’s a tornado!  Run!!!”  And then try to reassure the mother that everything is OK, that you have the situation under control, and that there is nothing to worry about.  You do this while yelling (in her ear and in the general direction of the children), “Come help me with this and stop running around like crazy people!”

Then, herd everyone inside, cold and wet, and quite pumped up on the drama and mayhem juice flowing their veins, and keep them there for the rest of the night through one of the worst thunderstorms you’ve seen in a long while.  Oh, and they must still have their Nerf gun arsenal and be prepared to use it. 

That’s pretty much how it’s done.  If you pray for patience and the ability to go with the flow, God will wait until you have a slumber party and then send a storm.

This photo is deceptive.  The sun was still out at this point, but about half an hour later, the scene was quite different.  Notice the umbrellas?  Those were inside out and about half a mile away a short time later.