One of my new favorite things is Jamie Ridler’s podcast, Creative Living with Jamie Ridler.  I subscribe to several podcasts.  They’re nice to listen to while I’m folding laundry.  Jamie’s  my current favorite, and I find myself looking for mundane household chores to complete just so I can put my earphones in and listen for a while.

She also has a killer website called Jamie Ridler Studios where you can find a ton of great classes, groups, ideas and blog posts about creative living.  Her blog post today included the following YouTube video of a documentary film trailer.  Being Elmo is a film about Kevin Clash, the guy we all know as Elmo from Sesame Street.  It’s an inspiring look at the beauty of following your creative dreams and one of those uplifting stories about people following their hearts and making the world a better place in the process.  Those are my favorite kind of stories, so I thought I’d share.  This is definitely on my must-see list.