And just like that, I’m contradicting myself by posting a bunch of photos.  Oh well…

It’s still my story– just by my somewhat inconsistent rules. I’m consistently inconsistent.

Easter at Elkin Presbyterian Church

After church on Easter Sunday, we headed up the mountain to Natural Bridge, Virginia with our pop-up camper.  Yes, I know– my friend, Jennie, already gave me a hard time about the pop-up.  She said, “Who are you people?  A pop-up?  For people who used to backpack into the wilderness and sleep on rocky cliffs?”  What can I say?  Times change.  And while it’s not exactly the AT, Jellystone Park was quite rugged.  The bath house ran out of toilet paper at one point.

Natural Bridge is really beautiful, and we had great weather for walking and seeing everything, including a waterfall and Native-American village.  Isaac, quite naturally, took a fall into the only mud puddle for miles around.  That kid has fallen all across America– and we have the photos to prove it.

And, of course, there were the cheesy museums too.

Harper Lee and Isaac particularly liked the butterfly pavilion.

It was a really nice Spring Break and much needed.  We’re heading down the home stretch with school now, and while this time of year can get pretty busy, I’m anxiously awaiting more summertime adventures.