I spent the past week working on multiple projects, not the least of which was a mass purging of the cheap, plastic junk, rocks and sticks and pieces of things that have taken up residence in Isaac’s room.  It had gotten so bad, I had begun to avoid his room altogether unless I had to be in there.  I would even walk by and just toss stuff into the ever-growing pile because, quite frankly, I just didn’t want to see it anymore.

The cleaning of his room had become our number one discipline issue, and we really couldn’t blame the guy.  Rob said, “I feel overwhelmed by all the stuff, and I’m a grown man.”  It was becoming a nightmare.

I’ve been reading Simplicity Parenting, which is awesome and wonderful and all kinds of right, but I already do most of the things the author suggests.  The one area where I seemed to be lacking was a clutter-free environment.  I took action.  I bought four 35-gallon Rubbermaid totes and then picked up an additional eight cardboard boxes from the ABC store and spent one afternoon filling them up and carrying them to the attic.  Why not just get rid of it?  Well, there is the fear that I might box up something that does actually mean something to him, and that would make me feel like crap, so we’ll just put it in the “toy library”.  If something is missed, another toy may be exchanged for it.  And if it’s not, well, in a couple of years, when I’m about to lose my mind from the barrage of stuff again, we’ll purge it as well. 

It should be noted that in order to make room for the tubs of toys and books, I took 17 garbage bags of clothing to Goodwill and have more to go.  I’m literally cleaning house.  And it feels really good.

Isaac has been so relieved and happy, he cleans his own messes without being asked and he’s even sleeping better in his own room, which he had begun to avoid by sneaking into other people’s beds in the middle of the night.  Guess there’s something to this theory that less is more.