things which matter

The first two sessions of my creative journaling class for women is less than a week away!  I’m offering one session in the morning at 10:00 on Monday, May 7th and another that same evening at 6:00.

This class is something I’ve wanted to do for a LONG time.  I’ve finally put it together and am feeling more excited about it everyday.

Eleven years ago, when I got pregnant, I decided that I wanted being a mom to be my job in the sense that I would be an active participant in their health and nutrition, their education, their play and development, and everything in between.  I didn’t want to miss out by just going through the motions.

But I was also keenly aware of maintaining my own identity.  I had seen other women lose themselves completely in their role as mother.  It’s one of the reasons I made a commitment to running– it was time for me that was separate from being a mom.  I have managed, over the years, to maintain that part of who I am, and it has made me a better mom and person.

As my babies have turned into little people with their own interests and hobbies, I began to long for new challenges.  No longer newborns, Harper Lee and Isaac don’t require my constant attention anymore, and with both kids in school, I have found myself ready to explore new things.  At first, I wasn’t sure what those new things might be.

I started journaling.  Then, I took an art class.  I began to tap into some of the talents and gifts I’ve always had, and I realized I wanted to use them more.  Writing and art, and even gardening, are things that I have always loved and am good at.  They fill me up and renew my spirit.  So I just started.  I simply began.

I have a theory that God made each of us for a purpose.  We are divinely and uniquely created to be exactly WHO WE ARE.  Our job is to remember who we are made to be and to fulfill our purpose.  The reason I say “remember” is because I think children are pretty in tune with this purpose, with what makes them tick; it’s only as we grow older  that we begin to feel the pressure to do the things other people think we should.

I have realized, over time and with much thought, prayer, and writing, that I am at my core a mother, teacher and writer.  I love to create– to write, to draw, to cut and paste, to think creatively, to teach creatively, to play, to run in the woods and let the ideas just wash over me.  That’s who I was made to be.

This creative journaling class is about sharing that experience. It’s about learning to listen to what we know is true for us and doing the things, both physically and spiritually, that feed us and make us grow.  It is the key to good health and happiness.

I’m excited about showing other women how to use their journals and exercise and good health practices to lead happier and more fulfilling lives.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the things we’ll be doing in class.

What changes do you need to make in your life to accommodate more time for yourself and your well-being?

What’s been your greatest success in life?

If you could, by magic, change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

If money and time were no issue, how would you spend your days?

Make a list of 25 things you have always wanted to try, but have yet to begin.


*There will even be some good, old-fashioned cutting and pasting (maybe some crayons?) involved.  Here’s an example of an art journaling exercise. 

We’ll get messy, be creative, play, laugh and get down to building a foundation for better health.

I can’t wait!!!