You know those ideas that seem so awesome and inspired when
they first come to you, but then, about halfway through them, you think, “What
was I thinking?”  Like, “Let’s see
everything and do everything in New York in three and half days or die tryin’” or
“I think we can just grab a cab after the show” as everyone in America files
out of the theatre into Times Square. 
Uh-huh—no problem—on either of those. 
Yeah, I had several of those this week… but in a really good way.  Those ideas generally lead to some sort of
adventure, and adventures always make great stories.


This morning, as I was running along the Hudson River, I
said, “Let’s run to Brooklyn,” and took off across what I thought was the
Brooklyn Bridge.  About halfway across, I
looked over and thought, “Hmmmm… that looks like the Brooklyn Bridge over
there.”  Because it was. 


Rob said, “I know what you’re thinking, and we’re not doing


“What am I thinking?” I asked.


“You’re thinking that we’ll just run to the end of this
bridge and then run several blocks to the Brooklyn Bridge and then come back
across.  No.”


To be honest, I had not thought of that at all, but it did
sound like fun.  Instead, we ran to the
end of the Manhattan Bridge, which is what we were actually on, and then turned
around and cut back across Chinatown.


Running is actually a great way to see the city though when
we first arrived I would have told you I was too scared to run on the streets
of NYC.  In a lot of places, the crowds
would make running at a decent pace prohibitive, even in Central Park, but on a
Sunday morning along the river, it was really nice, and running across the
bridge was a great way to take it all in.


Taking it all in—that’s what I feel like I did this
week.  I’m anxious to get home now—to see
my kids, sleep, post photos and let it all soak in.  My legs and feet are killing me, and I’m
pretty sure I could sleep for 24 hours straight.  This city is a bit of a sensory
overload.  It might take a while to recover.


In three and a half days, we saw…


The Statue of Liberty

Ellis Island


The Phantom of the

The Museum of Modern Art

Central Park

Greenwich Village

NBC studios



A Ben Stiller movie being filmed on the street outside our
hotel door

The East Village

A terrific comedy show

The Empire State Building

The Brooklyn Bridge (from the Manhattan Bridge)

The new World Trade Center


We ate and drank at…

A Cuban restaurant

A very dark (and sort of snooty) bar

A deli with the locals

An Irish pub

A hole in the wall pizza place

Some other over-priced places

One place that was expensive but totally worth it


We also saw…

Lots of homeless people

Lots of seemingly crazy people too

High fashion

Low fashion

Everything in between

Rats in the subway

Musicians in the subway

Monks and priests and Hassidic Jews on the same street

People with little kids


Girls coming home from volleyball practice

Guys talking junk on the basketball court

Men with their foreheads to the ground as they prayed

People fighting

People kissing

People singing at the top of their lungs

People sitting quietly in windows and reading a book


I know—for some people this is not anything spectacular, but
for someone who lives in such a small Southern town, this was actually one of
my favorite things about the city.  It
really gives you a much broader view of America when you come to a place like
this and realize that not everyone is just like you.  And then to realize, after that first
revelation, that everyone is, in the end, very much like you.


I Love NYC!