“When I was growing up, my mom came home from work and cooked a huge meal
every night. 
 Most of it was traditional Southern fare and we fried
our meat and vegetables in a cast-iron skillet. When I had my own
family, I wanted to honor the tradition of a family supper every night
and the homegrown flavor of food we raised ourselves, but in the
interest of good health, I knew I had to cook in a slightly different

You can read more of my article as well as my new favorite summer recipe, roasted beet salad,  at BMoore Healthy , health coach Besty Moore’s website for busy moms.  She has tons of great recipes and ideas for busy women who want to live a healthier life without feeling deprived. 

My recipe as well as countless others can be found at the Tumbling Shoals Farm website.  Shiloh Avery has put together a tremendous database full of delicious recipes for every veggie imaginable.  If you’re stumped about what to cook tonight or what to do with that bunch of curly green kale you bought, this is a great place to go for a little cooking inspiration.

What are some of your favorite summertime recipes?  Join the Running Monologue Facebook page and leave a comment, with or without a recipe.  Part of the joy of cooking and eating is the conversation that always seems to come with it.