Finally.  Summer has come.  And it’s not because of the 100 degree temperatures.  It’s because my summer “to do” list is done.  Summer camps and Vacation Bible School are done, and now all we have to do between today and August 15 is….


And by nothing, I mean…

Pick blackberries

Swim in the pond

Swim in the creek

Swim in the pool

Pick peaches

Read stacks and stacks of books

Build forts

Catch bugs

Sleep in a tent

Pick beans

Go hiking

Go to the free movies

Make art

Eat tomatoes off the vine

Now that’s my kind of “to do” list.

VBS was great, and I try really hard not to wish it all away, but man, it’s a lot of work, and I have to confess that it was a big sigh of relief when everything came together on Thursday night, and I was able to send a pack of worn-out, wet, and full of hotdogs kids home with their parents. 

Now it’s time to FOCUS.  I have spent much of my time for the past two months finishing projects, organizing events and planning activities, and none of the projects have included my book, which is due for some heavy revision.

Stepping away from it might actually be a good thing, because now, I find myself = ready to pick up where I left off and get busy, and I have queries to send out.  I’ve made up a little game to see how many rejections I can collect before Christmas.  Sounds twisted?  Maybe, but it gives me the courage to send it out into the world.

My other focus this summer is somewhat unexpected.  It seems that I have torn the hell out of my knee.  It’s been plaguing me for exactly one month, and I’ve finally waved the white flag, quit running and gone to—gasp—a doctor.  My MRI was Friday though I won’t know anything for sure until a week from Wednesday.  Dang these doctors for taking summer vacations!

It seems that I may either have a torn meniscus or something arthritic that I’ve just “poked with a stick” according to the doctor.  The MRI should show which, and then I’ll have to decide what to do from there.

Aside from the fact that it hurts, not running (or biking or walking or hiking or dancing or anything that might even remotely raise my heart rate) is driving me insane.  Even water jogging is not working since I still have to bend my knee.  And, as we all know, swimming is not my favorite. 

For now, I’m taking the opportunity to do some serious strength training and modified yoga, which is working my muscles if not my heart and lungs.  The plan is to lose the least amount of fitness possible though I’d say I’m pretty much going to be starting over sometime in the fall.

In the meantime, I’m making art, working in my garden, catching fireflies and eating lots of berries.  Who knows?  I might even learn to swim.