Most of July turned into one long celebration.  I ended up taking an unplanned but most needed break from everything digital.  Summertime is just not the time to sit inside in front of the computer screen.  I had to get outside while the sun was still shining and before my babies head off to another year of school. 

July 28th was also Isaac’s 7th birthday, and we did lots of swimming, camping out, and eating cupcakes to wish him a very happy birthday. 

I know it’s cliché, but it seems like yesterday when I was lying belly up in the kiddie pool bemoaning my aching back and swollen feet.  A sympathetic woman who had been watching me struggle to my feet, said, “Oh, honey, when are you due?”  I almost cried when I told her I still had a week to go.

Little did I know that I had less than 24 hours.  The reason I felt particularly heinous that day was because I was in the beginning stages of labor with a 10 lb. baby on the way.  

Now, seven short years later, I have the best little boy in the world.  Isaac is funny and  sweet and smart as a whip.  I know, I’m his mama, but it’s true.  He and his sister are the reasons I get up in the morning.

I have been blessed with obscene amounts of Hot Wheels cars scattered across my living room rug, mysterious smudges around each light switch and all along the dining room wall, crumbs that seem to multiply exponentially around his kitchen chair, collections of rocks and sticks under couch cushions and beds, more Curious George books than any one person should be allowed to have, and the sweetest, most gentle morning kisses.  Sometimes, I like to bury my nose in his sweaty little head and inhale all the boy-ness.  It’s a sweet, sweet smell.

I have done nothing to deserve these children, but I continually receive beautiful gifts.  I think that’s known as grace.  I am eternally grateful.

Happy, happy birthday, big boy!


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