I am officially related to a celebrity! 


Isaac Libbert is the 2012 Elkin Pumpkin Festival Pumpkin Pie
Eating Champion.


He is very proud and now has $25 worth of ice cream and pies
(or hot dogs and hamburgers) from Speedy Chef, an Elkin institution.  We spent our first $5 this afternoon after


Saturday was the festival, which was a lot of fun,
especially after the particularly heinous poison ivy covered week Harper Lee
had.  She is almost completely better
(after two sets of shots, some nasty antibiotics and a round of oral
steroids).  It was a long, long week.


But Saturday was a perfect small town kind of day, and we
enjoyed the music, bounce houses, homemade pumpkin breads, cakes and pies, and
funky crafts.  Plus, there was a rubber
duck regatta, but I’m pretty sure we didn’t win.  It was hard to tell, and we were too tired to stick around and find out. 


Yesterday, we went hiking on the Parkway (after our Sunday
afternoon nap, of course), and it was beautiful as always.  I love the wide open fields of DoughtonPark.  The air was crisp, and with the
top down on the Jeep, we were actually a little chilly.  Fall is definitely here. 


And finally, I’m happy to let everyone know that my work is
going to be a regular feature over at Bamboo Magazine, a magazine for whole
family living.  I have been a fan for
some time, and now I get to write for them twice a month at the Green Room Blog.  This week, I wrote about messy
parties, one of our favorite things around here.  If it’s messy, we’re all over it.


Happy Autumn!

How are you celebrating the change of seasons?