The other day, my friend Shannon sent a link to this song.  As I read emails, made my daily to-do list and ate my breakfast, I clicked on the link.  The song played, and I continued my multi-tasking until the music finally stopped me, and I thought, “When was the last time I listened to music?  I mean, really listened.”

I couldn’t remember. 

Usually, music is a background noise for everything else.  I love music, and I play it often, but it’s always in the midst of everything else.  It’s on the radio while I’m driving or talking to the kids.  It’s on the I-pod as I chop vegetables or run the loop through town.  It’s on while I sit in line at the bank or when I’m hurriedly folding clothes before I have to pick the kids up from school.  It’s there, but I rarely just sit and listen to it.

I remember lying across my bed as a teenager, my head hanging upside down over the side and just listening to music.  I wasn’t doing anything else.  I was just listening.

Why don’t I do that anymore?

So later that day, I played the link again, and for just a little while, I didn’t do anything but listen to the music.  I sat still.  My fingers weren’t on the keyboard.  My pencil wasn’t moving across the page.  I think I might have even closed my eyes.

When was the last time you stopped… and listened… and the music wasn’t just in the background?