Do you know how long it takes to scrub the black stuff off a
Cub Scout’s feet after he’s been at the Parent-Son Camporee all weekend?  Not quite as long as it takes to scrub the
ring from around the tub once you’re done but long enough.


Rob and Isaac came dragging back in, wet and dirty and
smelling like wood smoke, around 8:00 Sunday morning, and I can’t remember a
time I’ve seen Isaac so happy.  That
might be true of Rob as well.  They tried
archery and fishing and had ceremonies and charred hotdogs.  It was a rip-roarin’ weekend up on the


It was fun down here too. 
Since the boys were gone, we decided to have a “crazy artist weekend”
just for the girls.  We started on Friday
night by joining our friends for some high school Homecoming football, and on
Saturday, we did some hard-core dancing at a Zumbathon to raise money for the
cross-country team followed by a 45-minute trail run, lunch at Sheetz, and a
hot bath. 


Then, we got serious. 
We broke out the paints and art journals. 


The dining room table was buried under an avalanche of art
supplies.  Crayons, paint, glue,
watercolors, oil pastels, old magazines—it was a glorious mess of color and
texture and we played and played and played. 
We listened to music, danced, watched movies and painted all
weekend.  It was awesome!


Bluebirds of happiness


Open to Possibility

I feel so lucky to have a daughter who appreciates running on
muddy trails, smearing paper with paint and glue and anything else we can find,
and quoting John Wayne as much as I do.


Here’s to crazy artist days and sleeping in the woods.  May everyday be as good.