“Never doubt that a small group of
thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only
thing that ever has.”   


– Margaret Mead


Before Jingle, our elf on the shelf, caught a ride home with
the big man himself, he wrote a note to Harper Lee and Isaac telling them that
they should not only be good but also DO good. 
This phrase “be good and do good” has really stuck with me.


It seems to me that, collectively, we are much more likely
to give to others during the Christmas season than any other.  This is wonderful.  People giving of themselves so that others
might have a blessed Christmas is a beautiful thing, but poor people are poor
all year.  The hungry are hungry all
year.  Those without shoes are without
all year.


We often give more at Christmas time because we think about
it more often.  It’s in our line of
vision.  We see those in need in a way
that we don’t see them the rest of the year.


I want to see what’s in front of us.

I want to help others see it.

I want to help make relevant and lasting changes.

I want to do good and be good.


It’s no secret that I have always dreamed of becoming a
missionary.  Right now, my life is not in
line with moving to Africa to build wells or schools, but I can still serve my
God and others by making whatever contributions I can along the way.  I do it through my work at my church, through
volunteering in the community, and, I hope, through my writing.  These are not the grandiose things I like to
lie in bed at night and think about and imagine, but they do make a
difference—sometimes when I don’t even know it.


If there’s one thing I absolutely believe it is that all of
us can make a difference in this world. 
All of us have special gifts.  All
of us can share those gifts.  Even if we
only make small contributions.  Even
if we only affect one other person. 

if all we do is to love one another. 

can make the world better.


Call it naieve.  Call
it childlike.  Call it wildly


Whatever it is, it is good and right.


This Christmas, Rob bought a bicycle for someone in
Africa as a gift to Harper Lee and Isaac through World Bicycle Relief.  This was his Christmas project, but
World Bicycle Relief accepts donations year round.

What other projects are YOU involved in?  Where do you see changes for the better being
made by regular people?  Where are some
places that NEED change? 

your thoughts, ideas and opportunities to “be good and do good” on my Facebook
page under Running Monologue.


Let’s spread the word—from one person to the next—and create
small groups of thoughtful, committed citizens who are ready to change the