Yesterday, Isaac said, “I’m slow.  Sometimes, it feels like life is coming at me
so fast, but I’m just slow.  I like to be
slow.”  Amen, brother.


He articulated what I have always felt.  I have a lot of energy, and I stay busy, but
when my irritation level is on the rise or I’m feeling out of sorts, it’s
usually because I’ve begun to feel that life is coming at me way too fast.


It’s one of the reasons I don’t like multi-tasking.  I like to focus on one thing at a time.  It’s probably also why I am not a huge
follower of all the latest technology crazes. 
I don’t want to text or talk on my cell phone while I’m at the
grocery.  When I’m shopping for ripe
tomatoes, I want to shop for ripe tomatoes—and that’s all. 

So much constant communication and relentless
busyness takes the wind out of my sails.  It’s too much, too fast.  I just want to move along at my own pace.


I would never get a real tattoo, but if I did, this is what
it would be.


A turtle.


That’s me.  Slow and
steady.  Pretty attached to my home.  Able to hide out when life gets to be too
much.  I like turtles.  I understand them.


And speaking of hiding out and taking life a little more
slowly, we had our first official snow day on Friday of last week.  Woo-hoo!

Blackberry bushes along our fence line.

Harper Lee trying out her new cross-country skis. 

Isaac having a “Godfather” moment with Freckles apparently. 

Isaac rode my beat up snowboard most of the morning and despite the fact that he wasn’t strapped in, he was way better than I ever was. 

He’s also been eating snow.  I’m not sure there’s anything this kid won’t eat outside.  He’d make a great forager.

On Saturday, we rode up to Cone Manor off the Parkway in Blowing Rock.  The house was closed for the winter, but there was no shortage of people sledding.  We had to make an impromptu run back to town to purchase a sled. We had outgrown our old one anyway.

The only problem with spontaneity is that you might not be appropriately dressed.  But if you’re cool with riding home in your underwear, it’s really not a problem at all.

Alas the snow has melted, and the kids have gone back to school.  I miss them when they’re not here, but I’ve been writing and making art most of the morning, focusing on new projects and tying up loose ends with old ones.  I’m taking it slow and steady, just enjoying life as it comes. 

Have a good one, and take it easy.