Saturday was a perfect day. 
Sunny and 70 degrees. 
Freedom from scheduled obligations, Rob got a bike ride, I got a long run, the kids got tons of free play, and we built a fence.

Our goats officially have a home.

They’ll be here on Saturday.

The above shot is really just a photo op for me.  I did next to nothing on this little project.  Mostly, I hung out and chatted and worked on my tan.

(However, I did move a lot of rocks and pull a lot of weeds, so I wasn’t a complete loser.)

This picture is more accurate.  What a guy.  He is pretty skeptical about this whole goat thing, yet he’s spent the better part of two Saturdays to build a pen for them. 

He asked me the other day if I was going to be one of those crazy goat ladies who sits in her lawn chair out in a field reading a book while her staked out goat eats weeds and brush.

I said yes.

His sarcastic reply: “That’s really sexy.”

“The way I’m going to do it, it will be,” I said.

I’m completely comfortable with being the crazy goat lady. 

Then, Harper Lee joined in.  Notice the tank top and flip-flops.  Yes, it’s March. 

Isaac spent the entire afternoon on the back porch building a Lego fire plane.
He’s deeply entrenched in this Lego contest he’s discovered online.  I explained to him that it was for 14 year-olds and up.  He was undaunted.  “Daddy can enter it for me,” he said.  When I explained that he wouldn’t win, he said, “I know.  I’m just doing it for fun.”
Well, OK then.

Once the contest is over and he emerges from his mad-scientist-like Lego trance, I’m hoping he’ll be as into the goats as Harper Lee and I are. 

Who gave this kid wire cutters???

By the end of the day, we were sweaty, dirty, and a tad bit sunburned. 
We  settled in for the evening with our bodies a little achy and a whole lot tired.  I love that feeling.  It’s one of my favorite ways to end a day.

Sore hands, tired arms and legs, salt caked around my hairline, a few more freckles courtesy of the sun… yeah, that’s a perfect way to end a day.

Simply perfect.