so fickle is March
flip-flops and tank tops one day
spitting snow the next

But despite the crazy weather that swings back and forth between warm sunshine and sharp, freezing winds, the goats have arrived.


Junebug and Poppy!

*This is Poppy. 
She is pretty shy and wasn’t all that jazzed about being held at first, but she’s coming around pretty quickly.  She seems to naturally gravitate towards Isaac.

*This is Junebug.  She’s a tiny girl but easy to catch and all too willing to be held like a baby in Harper Lee’s lap.  She’s also a bit of a pig when it comes to eating.


The first couple of days required a lot of crawling up underneath the barn floor to capture both of them.  This got old pretty quickly, and I figured if I wanted Harper Lee and Isaac to actually get a chance to bond with them, we’d have to block the underside of the barn floor.  Fortunately, we had some old fencing left from our Stalag 17 days with Caribou and Ellie, so I cut it to size and nailed it up.  Voila!  Instant bonding.

I think they were pretty scared the first day– a strange place and being taken from their mama–, but I think they are finally settling in.

Harper Lee and her friend begged to sleep out in the barn with the goats on Saturday night (Isaac was at Boy Scout Camp-Out or he would have been begging too), but I said no… for now.  Maybe before the snakes come out, we’ll put out fresh hay and blankets and have a big old goat sleepover.  That’s what childhood… and good soap…  is for, right?