I came across this fun little exercise from Jamie Ridler  (who, as you know, is my favorite podcaster and creative living guru) as I was riding up I-95 this afternoon.  Long rides and a laptop with no Internet access provide an opportunity for lots of writing… or goofing off.  I had apparently downloaded this a long time ago but then soon forgot about it.  Today, as I was looking for another document entirely, I found this:


What Delights Me

I love the taste of:

  1. good wine
  2. olives and cheese
  3. warm fresh homemade bread
  4. fresh berries
  5. real ice cream

I love the sight of:

  1. sunsets
  2. mountains
  3. the ocean at night
  4. gardens
  5. my children

I love the feel of:

  1. clean sheets
  2. warm fleecy pajamas
  3. hot baths with essential oils
  4. a good head rub
  5. sand between my toes

I love the smell of:

  1. warm bread and garlic baking
  2. lemons
  3. lavender and any herb really
  4. woodsmoke
  5. pine trees

I love the sound of:

  1. creeks
  2. whippoorwills at night and songbirds in the morning
  3. folk music
  4. pencils on paper
  5. the crackle and pop of a campfire

I didn’t spend too much time thinking about my answers.  I thought about what I really love and wrote them down in no particular order.  It’s sort funny to look at what patterns pop up.  I really love things that relate to nature and to home.  Go figure.  

Go ahead.  Make your own list.  See what patterns emerge. 


What about your kids?  How would they answer these questions?  What about your spouse?  What little delights could you create for them?

And then ask yourself, “How many of these things do we include in our everyday life?”

If the answer is “not many,” maybe it’s time to examine the reasons why.  What is preventing you from adding a few simple delights to your life?  Are you saving them up for a special occasion?

 Life is a special occasion.  What will you do today to celebrate it?