Despite the look on Isaac’s face in most of these pictures, he really did have a good time.  He’s going through a “I refuse to smile for the camera” phase, so he looks pretty miserable unless I can catch him by surprise.

This is the Lost Continent inside Universal.  We ate inside the restaurant below the waterfall.  Kind of cheesy, I know, but a lot of fun.

Listening to her brother on the other side of Seussville

The high point of the day– Harry Potter.  It was pretty amazing.  Just like being in the movie… well, except for it being 88 degrees and thousands of other tourists clogging the streets, but you know.

I highly recommend ButterBeer.

And the Forbidden Journey is worth the wait if you’re planning a trip anytime soon.

Isaac loves these things as much as any ride.  Apparently, he was unaware of my camera.  Gotcha!

The killer pool at our hotel– their own water park. 
It made leaving the theme parks each afternoon a whole lot easier for everyone.

Good times.