*In today’s Kickin’ Old Skool Post, I am joined by guest blogger, Isaac Libbert. 
We’re here to tell you 10 things about us.

Stacey: I am 41 years old, I’ve been married for 18 years, and I have two children named Harper Lee and Isaac.

Isaac: I am 8 years old, I’m the Isaac she’s talking about, and I have a mouse named Bandito.

Stacey:  I majored in English at Appalachian State University and then stayed an extra year to get my teaching degree because I didn’t what the heck to do with an English degree.  Turns out, I love teaching.

Isaac:  I want to study science, math and reading in college.  I also want to take a cooking class.  And then I’m going to work for NASA.

Stacey:  I have taught high school and college English for nearly 16 years.  (I had some time off with babies.)  And I’m a writer.  I especially love to write poetry and personal essays (though I am still working on the revision of my novel– possibly a lifetime project).

Isaac:  I am in 2nd grade.  Me and my friend, Henry, like to boil concoctions in an old pot in my mom’s kitchen.

Stacey: I like to run in the woods and splash through creeks and mud.  The messier, the better.  I like to run in rain and with icicles in my hair and in the heat of summer.  I just like to pound it out on trails.

Isaac:  I like ice. 

Stacey:  I love to quote old movies, and while I do not like movie talkers, I am known to say lines before the actors do.  I just can’t help myself. 

Isaac:  I drink a lot of milk.  And I sleep with the cat, my dog and a worn out blanket that my mom says is nasty.

Stacey:  I love to sleep a LOT.  I like naps and early bedtimes and late mornings. 

Isaac:  I disagree.  I am a night creeper.

Stacey:  I have recently begun a regular yoga and meditation practice, and I LOVE it.  It has given me better strength, flexibility and peace of mind.  It’s also a great excuse to shut the door and have a few minutes alone.

Isaac:  I have too.  I like meditation the best because it is quiet.

Stacey:  I love being outdoors– gardening, playing with my goats, hiking, and swinging in the hammock.

Isaac:  I like to swim and bike.  Those are my favorite activities.  I also love tennis!

Stacey:  This Christmas, I am looking forward to Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye, Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed, fresh baked cookies, wrapping presents, and getting together with friends.  I also look forward to reading Christmas stories with Isaac and Harper Lee.

Isaac:  I look forward to warm feelings and karate.

Stacey: I believe in loving as hard as you can, telling people how you feel, snuggling and being the person God made me to be.

Isaac:  I believe in being with family. 

Happy Holidays from both of us.