This is where I write most of the time.  When we first bought this place, we loved the little house in the middle of our backyard with the words “Hobby House 1967” drawn into the cement stoop with a stick. 

For a while, we used it as a storage shed, but when I told Rob that I wanted a writing studio, he tore out the walls, added insulation and new flooring, and we revived the Hobby House.  It now has a book shelf stacked with journals and reading material and a desk for writing.  Both pieces came from the Habitat for Humanity Re-store.  We also put a futon inside for comfy seating and summer night camping.  During the summer, the single window is open and looks out onto my garden and my goats.  I also keep the screen door open for good air flow.

During the winter, a small space heater has usually served (as long as I give it an hour or so to heat up), but this winter, the heater seems to be on its last leg, so I’ve been writing inside the house more frequently.   It just never seems to warm up properly.  I’m adding a new heater to my Christmas wish list.

Until then, I’m here… at the dining room table, which is a lot less quiet.  Today, it is 38 degrees and raining, so we’re writing letters to Santa and making Christmas gifts.  And I’m writing as they play and work and talk non-stop.

Sometimes, I also write at the desk in the office, but I am less fond of that space because it is often covered in junk mail and bills, and I find it distracting.  The Hobby House, and even the laptop at the dining room table, is my personal writing space.  A room of my own.

Aside from writing, both blog posts and letters to Santa, we are also hanging our Advent Calendar.  I’m a little late this year, but better late than never.  This has been a favorite tradition for several years.  I hang the calendar with little pockets on the front of our pantry door and fill the pockets with tiny slips of paper for each day of Advent.  Each slip of paper is a favorite Christmas activity.  These have changed some over the years, but most of them have remained the same. 

Our Favorite Advent Activities

Make Christmas bookmarks for gifts
Watch “A Charlie Brown Christmas” (or any other favorite Christmas cartoons)
Walk downtown and check out the Christmas windows
Make a button bracelet
Bake gingerbread and/or sugar cookies
Family game night
Make ornaments from salt dough
Visit a nursing home with cookies, song and good cheer
Go out for milkshakes
Make red and green glitter play dough and use holiday cookie cutters
Movie night with popcorn
Make hot chocolate with marshmallows
Have a fancy bubble bath with candles, Christmas music, and super suds
Make donations (food bank, homeless shelter, hospital or toy drive)
Decorate the tree
Display Christmas cards– ribbon and twine with mini clothespins work
Put on pajamas and ride around town looking at Christmas lights (hot cocoa in a thermos)
A moonlit hike
Read a favorite Christmas story by the fireplace

Let me know if you add to this list.  I always like new ideas. 
Merry Christmas!