The Kickin’ It blog post prompt today is SHOW AND TELL– just like elementary school.

Maybe it says something about this stage of my life or maybe it’s just the day we’ve had, but right now, my most prized possession is this…

This is the iron bed that belonged to my great-grandmother.  My grandfather and all of his brothers slept in this bed.  When I was little, it sat in one of the two upstairs bedrooms, and it was a little bit creepy to me because of the tiny iron skulls on each bar across the head and foot boards.  After my great-grandmother passed away, my grandfather got the bed, refinished it and gave it to me for my 14th birthday.  I slept in it from then until I went to college, but when I got married, we loaded it up and moved into our first apartment. 

The iron is quite worn now, and I can’t even really see the features, but the family legend is that these used to be quite clearly skulls.  That’s our story, and I’m sticking to it.  These days, the bed is covered in fleece sheets, a feather down comforter and two old and nicely worn quilts.  I used to be meticulous in making it up every day, but since I started back to work this year, it is often unmade and covered in books, journals and several copies of Yoga Journal. 

The bedside table is an old cabinet that came with the house.  It is shabby chic at best, but I cover it with more reading material and smell-good candles, so the shabby is only minimally visible.

Basically, this bed and this room have become a sanctuary for me.  It is cozy and warm and after a long day like this one, I can think of nothing more inviting.

Today was a sad one for us.  Isaac’s beloved mouse, Bandito, passed away in the night, so our morning started off under a cloud of gloom, and everything else sort of fell under that same cloud.  It was a busy, exasperating, and just plain sad day, but we know that we can begin again tomorrow.  That hearts heal.  That we can try again.  Start fresh with a new sunrise.

And until then, we have this little spot of comfort where we can rest our heads.  And our hearts.

Good night, sweet Bandito.  Good night, friends.  We’ll see you in the morning.