It was 50 degrees and sunny today so we packed some snacks, put on our hiking shoes and headed to one of our favorite spots around.

Stone Mountain

Uncle Tommy and Aunt Sandy sent new Camelbacks for Christmas.  They were a big hit.  Isaac has never been so well hydrated.

There was also a ton of ice on the rock faces, which made for some slippery places but also a lot of fun.  They particularly like smashing out smaller pieces and racing them down the slopes. 

The water had started to melt beneath the ice in several places, and we could see tiny bubbles of water sluicing their way through tunnels in the sheets of ice.  For a brief second, they both squealed, “Look!  There are little fish underneath!”  and I have to admit, it did, in fact, look like little fish, but I laughed as they immediately realized how foolish their statements were. 

Yeah, not a lot of fish living at the top of a 600 foot granite dome.

After much play and ice smashing, we finally made it to the summit where we decided we should do yoga poses and take pictures ala Yoga Journal.  In each issue, there’s a photo of someone doing yoga in a magnificent location.  We figured we were in a pretty magnificent location too, so this is what we came up with.

Me in Tree Pose

Isaac in Tree Pose

Harper Lee soaking up the sun in Upward Facing Dog

It’s all Zen and games until someone says he ate your cookie.

On the way back down the mountain, we talked about the year– our favorite memories and such– and we talked about what we look forward to most for the upcoming one. 

What will you remember about 2013?
Harper Lee:  Camp Cheerio; Washington, DC; Backyard Adventure Camp; the beach; Vacation Bible School; Disneyworld
Isaac: Science; Cub Scout Camp; Disneyworld
Me:  Washington, DC; Backyard Adventure Camp; Cub Scout Camp; my goats; working in the garden; hiking with Harper Lee and Isaac; long runs; my journal and my blog; writing retreats

What are you most proud of?
Harper Lee:  Top Reader Summer Reading Program; Red Ribbon Essay Winner; 5K 1st in age group
Isaac: Summer Sports Camp Camper of the Week; Storybook Character Contest Winner; reading Jonathan Livingston Seagull by myself, finishing my first triathlon
Me:  VBS; NC Poet Laureate Top 10; having my poetry performed by professional actors

What do you want to learn in 2014?
Harper Lee: how to ride a horse really well; to be a better basketball player

Isaac: to handle dry ice
Me: to do a handstand; to play the piano better or to play the violin at all; book binding

Stopping for ice cream at Stone Mountain Country Store

I hope 2013 is a patchwork of beautiful memories, and may 2014 be one as well.
Be proud of yourself.  Learn something new.  Be daring.  Be brave.  Be bold.  Have fun.

Here’s to a whole new year!