Years ago, Rob bought me a camera and a book called The Joy of Photography.  I wanted to take pictures.  So I started reading the book.  
And then I put it down.  I put down the camera too.
The book, while great for some people, focused on lenses and filters and accessories.  It explained the principles of the darkroom and processing.  It was, in other words, a “how to manual.”  I just wanted to flip through and look at all the pretty pictures.
Rob loves to know how things work.  The hows and whys.  He says he can picture how a mechanism is put together in a three-dimensional picture in his mind.
I cannot.  And I don’t care.
I don’t really, deep down, want to know how the camera works.  Or why the sky is blue.  Or how the image is transferred from my eye to my brain.  I just want to marvel at the fact that it is and it does.  I like the magic and the mystery.

Colored glass balls at Fish Art on Tybee Island.  
I like the way the light shines through the deep colors.

Beautiful garden art

Yep– box springs and wine bottles.  How cool is that?
 Already daydreaming about my garden and the little treasures I might hide there.

Don’t get me wrong– the world needs people like Rob, people who know how and why things work.  What would we do without them?  It’s just that I recognize the fact that I’m not one of them.  I like the beauty of not knowing everything.  I enjoy childlike faith and imagining all sorts of reasons the sky might be blue.  I don’t have to know for sure.
Maybe that’s why I’m so drawn to art.  Art gives us room to explore all sorts of possibilities AND impossibilities.  To imagine.  To create.  To experience magic.
Because of the blog (and digital cameras), I have started taking pictures again.  I like that I don’t have to fool with dark rooms and processing film though I’m sure there are folks who adore doing just that.  The digital camera lets me goof around as much as I want, take a ton of bad pictures, keep what I want, trash the rest, and it affords me the luxury of playing with photography in a way that I wouldn’t have several years ago.
It allows me to record my life here.  Now.  With these precious people.

My co-creators on this journey

It allows me to experience the magic again and again 
and to marvel at the loving gifts from God we receive each and every day.