“Men love to wonder, and that is the seed of science.”  -Ralph Waldo Emerson
It might be a bit of an understatement to say that Isaac is a science guy.  This kids loves everything about science—chemistry in particular.  That’s why he’s been begging his daddy to bring home a chunk of dry ice for weeks.  Yesterday, Rob called and said he had stopped at Harris Teeter and was on his way home with 8 lbs. of dry ice in the back of the station wagon.

We donned our insulated winter gloves and a pair of goggles, found a pair of tongs and waited anxiously in the driveway.

After a  cautionary tale and a few ground rules, they proceeded to shove dinner preparations aside and get to the task of creating a scene from a 1940’s Lon Chaney film in my kitchen sink.  It was pretty awesome actually.  I had visions of hairy werewolf feet tip-toeing through the woods in the dead of night under the light of the full moon.  (It should be noted here that if you have not seen The Wolfman since you were a kid—or worse, you’ve never seen it all—you need to rent it tonight and make a big bowl of popcorn.  This is a classic horror film for the whole family.)

Isaac has mini-science labs set up in the barn, on the patio, in the mudroom, and in his room (though there was a ban on chemistry experiments in the bedroom once I discovered the graphite AND red food coloring that had been dumped on the carpet).  Now the bedroom lab is more for research and planning.

Libbert Laboratories- Planning and Research Department

Notice the hero and inspiration on the wall.  

Summer break is giving him plenty of time to draw blueprints, mix potions and build things– his favorite activities.  And it’s giving me time to weed the garden and plant a few more vegetables.  I’ve gotten a pretty late start this year, but better late than never.

The view across the road from the garden.  I love being out here.  

My cucumbers.  I also have 15 tomato plants this year.  I only bought and planted 4, but apparently, there were some seeds from last year.  So if you like tomatoes, I know where you can get some pretty soon.  

I feel a little bit like Dr. Doolittle in the garden.  I have to step around two cats, a dog and both goats every time I’m out there, but it’s nice to have the company.  The goats have become more of a problem since everything is up and doing well, so I sometimes have to shoo them out, which generally leads to Junebug fainting.  Silly goats.

What seeds are you planting this summer?