I love listening to podcasts and recently came across one that I’m really enjoying.  It’s called All Who Wander by David Longley.

(Podcasts are great for the work commute or a long easy run with the dog.)

Here’s how David describes his particular show:

The pod-cast for sojourners discontent with asphalt highways, steepled cages, tidy answers and ordinary lives. Join us as we walk away from the everyday. Explore, dream and discover and live. 

…throw on your pack and join us as we trod the same path travelled by the likes of Muir, Thoreau, Annie Dillard, Moses, Jesu himself and countless others who discovered the woods to be their sanctuary and their Creator to be their Guide. 

 “But alone in distant woods and fields…I come to myself. I suppose that this value, in my case, is equivalent to what others get by churchgoing and prayer. I come to my solitary woodland walk as the homesick go home.”

-Henry David Thoreau
(All Who Wander, website)
not all who wander are lost

Today, David included another podcast I love, The Dirtbag Diaries.  If you are a wanderer, hiker, climber, paddler, runner, cyclist or outdoor enthusiast of any kind who really loves the wild, this show is for you.  The podcast David replayed was called Paul’s Boots.    Fitz and Becca Cahall of The Dirtbag Diaries received an email from a M’Lynn in Australia about her husband who passed away before he was able to get back on the trail, specifically The Appalachian Trail.  Her dream is to have her husband Paul’s boots travel the AT with volunteers who will wear or carry his boots and take photos along the way.  The Dirtbag Diaries and REI quickly committed to helping her make this dream a reality.  They’re getting the word out and so far several different sets of hikers have carried or worn the boots for part of the trail.  They’re asking anyone who is planning to hike or who has ever considered hiking the AT to contact them and for everyone else to help spread the word.


After David played the original story, he added his own to the mix and talked about something that Crystal and I have talked about a lot– waiting too long.  I’m getting older– not old, I’m not one of those people who gripe and lament how old they are in their mid-forties.  That’s just sort of stupid.  But I do realize that time will not always be on my side.  I’ve watched my parents care for their elderly parents, and someday, our parents will need care.  It’s a natural part of life.  So are unforeseen health issues.  And one year has a way of turning into five, and then ten, and then more.  Crystal and I know that if we’re going to do the crazy things we want to do, well… there’s no time like the present.  And I guess that’s how David felt too.  His story is as touching in many ways as the first story about Paul.  It’s something that many of us can relate to.


So, here’s what I’d like for you to do.  Listen to David’s podcast about Paul’s Boots and then listen to what he has to say afterwards.  Then head on over to The Dirtbag Diaries and find out what you can to do, whether it’s hiking a section of the AT or simply using social media to spread the word.


And then get out the door.  Go.  Now.  Do the things you have always dreamed of.  If not now, when?