Happy 11th Birthday, Isaac!


Harper Lee created this photo collage for her brother’s birthday.  He turned 11 yesterday.

I loved seeing this because when she put it all together like this, I couldn’t help but think, “Huh.  They really DO love each other.”

As an only child, I often find myself asking, “Is this normal?” when they fuss and fight and practically beat each other senseless over stupid things like whose turn it is to sit in the front seat.

And Rob’s no help because he’s an only child too.  It’s all sort of foreign to us.

I have always hoped and prayed that they would, ultimately and deep down, really care about and depend on one another.  There are days when I have my doubts, but there are also the days when I hear a random, spontaneous, “I love you, bud” before they drift off to sleep.  That’s the stuff that makes my heart swell.

When I look at these photos, I can actually see the joy and love and kinship.  And I breathe a sigh of relief.  They will always have each other.  Even when Rob and I are gone, they will have one another.  Someone who shared the same childhood, home, and memories.  I know that’s not always the case, but it’s what I want for them.

I guess slap fights and whining and threats to “sell you to an old man who will put you in cage with spiders” are all part of the sibling bond.  At least, I hope so.