If you’ve been reading Running Monologue for very long, you know that for ten years, I wrote about my life as a mom to my two favorite people in the whole, wide world.  In between, I’ve written about trail running, making art, books, family traditions and a bunch of stuff I can’t even recall at this moment.  Ten years, after all, is a long time.

Then, for a year, I stopped writing.  I felt a need for some privacy.  Life, like it often tends to do, has changed for me a little bit.  I went back to work full-time, my kids have gotten older (which creates its own set of issues when your mom is posting pictures of you for all the world to see), and some of my focus has changed.

One of the things that hasn’t changed, however, is my focus on family– on making good memories and enjoying each day.  Other topics that take up a lot of space in my brain are creative and innovative education, both for my students, children in my community, and my own kids; being physically active, which, for me, usually means hiking and trail running  but has also grown to include yoga, mountain biking, cross-fit and swimming; and creative expression– making art, writing poetry (or whatever), and performing on stage.  These are the things that really “melt my butter” as Dolly Parton once said.

So my new tag line is “Stories from the trail…”  This, I realize, implies that I’m writing about trail running and hiking, and I will be.  One of my goals is to get out into the wild even more than before, which is to say, a LOT.  But I also see life as a kind of trail, a path we choose.  So some of the stories you’ll find here will be about my path, which includes everything from building a new dream school to doing the laundry.  It’s the trail I’m on– moving up and down and all around but always forward– and these are the stories and bits of inspiration I’m collecting along the way.

I hope to hear from some of you about your own trail stories.  Happy hiking!